CoLibri CrystalClear Book Covers – Big – Quantity 125 per Box


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CoLibri CrystalClear™ Book Covers – Big

$132.30 per box plus shipping

If at least 10 boxes are ordered throughout the region, everyone will get a 10% discount!

  • These covers feature CrystalClear™ transparency technology.
  • All CoLibri covers are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and 100% recyclable
  • Prevent books from scratches, moisture, color fading, and moisture.
  • With CoLibri, it is possible to double the lifespan of a book.

CoLibrì System’s CrystalClear™ book covers utilize a revolutionary new book cover technology. The custom blend of polyester and polyethylene create a cover that stretches less, repels scratches, and is absolutely clear. Double the life of your books in your library, university, publishing house, office, or book store with CoLibri’s CrystalClear™ covers. Stop moisture, scratches, dust, fading, and yellowing from ruining your books with clear and robust, recyclable covers.

Additional Information 

125 covers per box

Dimensions: 24-3/4″ X 16-7/8″

Box Weight: 12 lbs



  • Material: Transparent polyethylene and polyester blend
  • Type: Book covers




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